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IWS Community Forum

IWS Community Forum

Welcome families, faculty, staff and trustees to the new IWS Community Forum!

We are excited about creating this forum to foster information sharing  within our Ithaca Waldorf School community! The purpose of this group is to keep everyone informed about school events and local events of interest to our community. Posts may include news about what's happening in different classrooms, school festivals and events, updates from the school’s administration and Parent Council, etc.

Please note that this forum is informational and is not intended as a discussion forum or a place to sell items or advertise commercially. 

Questions about the forum can be sent to Delvin Collier at and/or Debbie Levy at


Every member of the IWS community may participate. Faculty, staff, members of the administration, and other individuals with an email address were automatically added as members of this forum as well as all enrolled families and the Board of Trustees. The total list of members may also include past-enrolled families as well as Waldorf school alumni. Community members with an external email address who were not added may request to join by emailing Delvin at You may unsubscribe to the forum at any time, although we hope that you'll find the information posted here very helpful!

To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to or get in touch with Delvin.


The IWS Community Forum is a Google Group and posts can be made by sending an email to The Google Group will be managed and moderated by the IWS Parent Council and administration. By participating in this forum its members agree to the following guidelines:

  • Emails must have a subject line.

  • Please reply” directly to the sender rather than “reply all” unless it's a question or response that others may have as well. 

  • Posts must not contain profane language or disparaging remarks about the school, its faculty, staff or board, or other IWS community members.  

  • Please do not forward emails without a comment in order to avoid the email being filtered as spam. 

  • Avoid posting sensitive and private information about yourself unless needed for contacting purposes.

  • Personal information of others must not be posted and/or forwarded at all without their consent.


You can decide how many updates (emails) you will receive. The options are:

  • Don’t send email updates

  • Send daily summaries

  • Combined updates (25 messages per email)

  • Receive every new message

Your settings can be accessed online on the Google Group website. Please make sure you are logged in to your Google or Gmail account. Under “My groups” (left side) you will find the IWS Community Forum.

If you are a member and logged in to your Google or Gmail account already, you can even start to post messages on this website. (please see below)

If you are facing technical issues, please get in tough with Delvin.