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Piano Benefit Concert

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Piano Benefit Concert

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About the Piano

This lovely piano was built in Paris about 1911 by Gabriel Gaveau.  The Gaveau family members were French piano makers since the 1840's.  In the early 1900's Gabriel established a new factory, which inherited much of its equipment and design from Erard, one of the most prominent French piano makers.  This piano was surely one of the first, if not the first, of this model produced, as made evident by modifications in the action and the irregular pinblock arrangement. 

The cabinet is veneered with Brazilian Rosewood in a starburst pattern on the lid, originating from the bass corner, and in a double book-matched pattern around the sides of the case.  The brass hardware is solidly and ornately made.  In 2013, Edward Swenson and I took the piano completely apart to repair the soundboard and pinblock, repin and restring it.  I recently installed Ronsen hammers on the piano, as the original ones were at the end of their life.  The Ivory keyboard is completely intact.  

Thanks to the generosity of several kind donors, the piano now has a permanent home at the Ithaca Waldorf School, for delightful concerts such as these.

Joseph Pepper, Piano Restorer

The Music Curriculum at the Ithaca Waldorf School

    The power of music in human development has been proven from every possible angle.  The Ithaca Waldorf School holds music as one of the most fundamental subjects in the curriculum.  The music program strives to use music as a metaphor for life, developing capacities for expressiveness, responsiveness and deep listening.  Each child is provided with the joys challenges and satisfaction inherent to the experience of music. Classical and traditional folk music are valued equally.

    The rhythm of the Early Childhood student’s day is marked by songs; the teachers communicating as much through song as through speech.  In first and second grade, the singing continues and the pentatonic flute and lyre are introduced. The third grade begins with recorders and the understanding of counterpoint through singing and playing rounds.  Also in third grade, each child begins their journey with a bowed stringed instrument. At this point, fine motor skills have been cultivated through handwork and the children have already played and sung together as a group with the earlier instruments.  In Middle School, music continues with advanced string and guitar ensembles.

Your donation today ensures a thriving music program at the Ithaca Waldorf School.  All proceeds will support music lessons and instrument rental for IWS students in need.

THANK YOU for your generosity and your passion for music!!

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