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20 Nelson Road
Ithaca, NY, 14850
United States


Parent News 5.23 : A Special Note

Parent News

Parent News 5.23 : A Special Note

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From Strong Roots, We Build on...


Dear Friends,

In 2015, our family moved to Ithaca from a small rural community in Ontario. Our tiny Waldorf-inspired school had its home in a charming 19th century schoolhouse but had none of the advantages that we have here at IWS. Both the school and the community struggled financially, and enrollment at our school was unstable at best. Here our son Tilden, who is in the 4th grade, has the opportunity to learn all the way through 8th grade with a team of incredible teachers who provide a balanced and holistic approach to education.

Thanks to the Herculean efforts of our dedicated board, faculty and administration, we're building on hope, and on dreams; we're building on the shoulders of the community which makes this school real, and on the solid foundation being poured out behind the school right now, by the King Brothers, Steve and John. Yes, construction has begun, and well ahead of our wildest hopes. Please check out these photos of the progress.

In the fall we launched our ambitious development campaign, From Strong Roots, and we did it! By December of 2016 we had raised $100,000 in just two months: 100% of our goal for that period. This remarkable achievement is the result of the incredible generosity of our community. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who contributed to get this build off the ground.     

However, the work is not done; an additional $100,000 is needed to complete our expansion. Now it's time to Build On this generosity and support the ongoing construction that will take us all the way to our dream of a middle school at the Ithaca Waldorf School.

If you have sent your gift this year, THANK YOU! 

If not, won't you please consider making your donation within this fiscal year, ending June 30th. This really will be the best time to give, as we have the very gracious and inspiring support of an anonymous donor who will match funds up to $40,000!

Words from our donor: "I am sending this gift as an endorsement of the health and vigor of the Ithaca Waldorf School in this exciting time of expansion, and as a statement of confidence in the Faculty, Administration and Board.  Carry on with your excellent work!" 

And it's so easy: you may send your check to the Ithaca Waldorf School, 20 Nelson Rd, Ithaca NY 14850. Alternately, you can simply click on our link to contribute to our campaign. The school is also now able to accept gifts of stocks and securities.

Know that each and every gift, large or small, will help us complete this project by December 2017. The children currently enrolled, and all of the families who may join our community as we grow, will be grateful for this gift!


Arabez Smith, Project Manager

On behalf of the Building Committee at IWS

 David Whitmore, President of the Board        

Sarah Hesse, Vice President of the Board 

Dre Alary, Treasurer of the Board

Beth Myers, Faculty Liaison 

Emily Butler, Director of Administration