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Parent News

Bulletin 01/02/18

Arabez Smith

What I nurse in my soul I can give to the world

It’s 2018; we officially live in the future. I remember being a grade school student and imagining how truly ancient I would be in the year 2000 (29!). That year is now ancient history in the mouths of my children: “Did you even have telephones in 1999?”

The future is a big responsibility, and the future is now. Let us keep in mind that in nursing our own souls we are also giving to the world; or, on a smaller scale, to our children, our school and community. You will find many opportunities to give to and grow with our school in 2018, beginning with these . . .

Upcoming Events & Activities

Wednesday January 3rd                            Welcome Back to School!

                                                                        Parent Council Meeting 8:30 am

Monday January 8th                                               IWS Board Meeting 5 pm

Tuesday January 9th                                  Community Sing 8:30 am

Winter Chill – Dress for it!

Please revise your practices for outdoor warmth to accommodate this lovely polar chill which has descended upon Ithaca. Children should dress to spend at least 45 minutes at a time outside, sometimes longer. Base layers and woolens are recommended, and it would be a great help to our classroom teachers if parents could establish the expectation at home that these layers are to be worn for every recess and outdoor class.

Enrollment 2018-19

Yes, already! Like I said, the future is now. We will have our re-enrollment forms up and running in the next week, so please watch for this announcement and take advantage of our Early Bird Enrollment discount.

The Guide to Being Local 2018

Available now in the IWS office! Every year the Ithaca Waldorf School benefits from the sale of the Being Local coupon book. Chock full of great deals everywhere you shop in the Ithaca area, the guide earns a percentage of the sale price for our school. Please consider buying yours here – or buy them for friends and family, because who doesn’t need this coupon book?!

Ithaca Waldorf School 2018 Calendars for Sale!

These beautiful calendars, featuring the art of IWS students, are available in the office for just $25.

All proceeds will go to the Maria Rabb Fund which was established to provide emergency tuition support to any IWS family facing a sudden crisis (for example: terminal illness, loss of work).  [link] 

ICSD Student Registration

A reminder to families who have not yet registered your children with the Ithaca Community School District: our school does receive some public funding per our enrolled students, but they must be registered with the district to be counted towards our allotment. It only takes a few minutes and makes a big difference to our school! Thank you! Follow this link for instructions: