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20 Nelson Road
Ithaca, NY, 14850
United States


Early Childhood

Early Childhood

We have three mixed-age kindergarten classrooms.

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Early Childhood at Ithaca Waldorf

First time visitors to a Waldorf early childhood classroom are often struck by its beauty: the natural light and soft hues infused with love and warmth, the cozy play areas supplied with handmade dolls, silks, and toys made from natural materials. The children gain strength and independence through a balance of daily rhythm and free play. Children’s learning occurs through the purposeful work activities experienced in every Waldorf kindergarten.

  • Group projects such as baking bread, cutting vegetables, and measuring ingredients for soups strengthen children’s confidence and awaken math and social awareness.

  • Circle time builds community while exploring music, language patterns, and movement.

  • Artistic activities like painting and molding beeswax help build developmental readiness, dexterity, and a strong imagination.

These are the building blocks for developing creative thought processes and problem-solving skills later in life. Joy and wonder, as well as a sense of accomplishment, are fostered as children share these experiences of work and play.


Learn more about our EC Class Rooms 

If you are thinking about applying we encourage you to schedule a visit or attend an open house to learn more about our school and the Waldorf approach to early childhood education.

We have flexible weekly schedules available so please call us so we can discuss your needs.

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